Oke-Idanre Hill, Ondo State

In the Ondo state, the Oke-Idanre Hill is the most beautiful landmark in the state. Tourists from all over the world visit the Oke-Idanre Hill every year.

The Idanre Hill is an amazing natural landscape. It is located about twenty four kilometers southwest of Akure. Akure is the capital of the Ondo State, Nigeria. For one hundred years the Idanre people have lived around the ancient Idanre Hills. The geography of the hills have played a crucial role in the Idanre community. The Idanre Hills is highly regarded on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
The immense scenery the hills offer are incredible. The town of Idanre is almost totally surrounded by these massive hills, on which people of Idanre used to live. Old Oke-Idanre is the main attraction of the Idanre Hills. This is where the Idanre community originally settled. What is left behind are old mud buildings which are slowly decomposing. “Attesting to the architectural taste of the old Idanre people, the old magistrate court, the first primary school, the Oba’s palace, and the market square hold their original place and location at Odeja Village, Old Oke-Idanre.” The way the Old Idanre relocated is very interesting. The Idanre people descended from the hills and settled at the foothill of the Idanre town. The Idanre people built the current town almost identical to Old Idanre. Also, during the building of the current Idanre location, families were allowed to keep their ownership of their family household in Old Idanre. The Idanre people have a very strong tie to their culture and history. This is a major attraction that brings in tourists from all over the world. The hills are a staple in the people of Idanre. No matter where one looks, the hills are always in the vast background.
Many people from around the world travel to see the hills of Idanre. Many say those who visit feel a great feeling while in the middle of the various hills. “Basically due to its perceived mystical aura and the giddy excitement lovers of nature get when they surmount the steep, daunting climb to the top, to witness a spectacular view of the new town and adjoining hills in a breath-taking manner.” There is a breathtaking view from the top of the hills as one can look down and see the town of Idanre. For many decades the plant and animal life have been studied by scientists. As one climbs up to the Old Idanre location, they have to top over six hundred and fifty steps. Every May, all the Idanre families climb the steps up to Old-Oke Idanre. The families then sleep in their old family house for a week. Many natives of the town travel from very far away to take part in this annual Orosun festival. “Bat-hunting expeditions to the largest and most dreaded and revered caves on the hills- Owa and Ojomu caves as well as spiritual cleansing of the ancient town and sacrificial offerings to Orosun- the god of the highest peak on the hills.”
There are many different famous landmarks in the hills that tourists can visit. One is “The Ark of Noah’. This landmark is a wooden structure that resembles a boat. The ancient structure rests upon a flat opening on top of one of the hills. The Idanre people believe that it is the biblical account. The “Unreadable Letters of the Flood” is also a very famous landmark. The indigenous writing states “a white man cannot decipher a chicken's writing”. The most famous attraction to the hills is the Agboogun footprint. This is told to be a human footprint which is actually carved on a rock surface. The footprint was used to determine if a person was a witch. The footprint was to fit everyone's foot except those of witches. The Idanre people and location are both a very incredible feat of nature. The history of this area is rich and endless.