Lander Brothers Anchorage, Delta State

The Landers Brothers made an exploration that lead to the opening of West African trade. The exploration of the Niger River was highly important.

Exploration have been a central part of history. Due to its rocky shore and rough land, Africa has been neglected in the terms of exploration. Although Africa has been neglected due to its rocky terrain, two brothers, John and Richard Lander were made famous for their discovery of the mouth of the Niger River.
The Landers Brothers made their voyage from Bussa to Asada in the 18th century.1 They set sail to the western part of Africa in hopes to open communication with the people there, form a settlement in the area which had not been done before, and finally open trade between Great Britain and Africa.2 These brothers were the first people credited with the exploration of the inner part of the Niger River.
This famous voyage was particularly important for several reasons. This voyage and exploration led to the opening of West African trade between countries, and this eventually led to the replacement of slave trade. People of this area began to trade more than people, they began to trade resources which they had in the area such as ivory and gold. These new resources were very valuable to the outside world. While trade relations of Africa in general opened and improved, the trade economy in the area of Asaba opened up as well. Along with trade, the men on the expedition had a big goal of bringing Christianity to the people of Western Africa.3
Due to the famous expedition and the importance of the discovery, a site has been set up in memory of the Lander Brothers, and this site is placed at their landing point. The site is located off a main road, Nnebisi Road. At the site there is an information center, restaurant, and a museum. Inside the information center there is largely information on trade throughout the area, travel information, and more modern day information in the tourist realm of the world. On the flip side, the museum which is in property contain many artifacts and information on the expedition and the aftermath of the expedition. In particular, the boat that the brothers used was donated and is on display in the museum. This is considered the center point of the museum.4
At this site, there is a monument which was built in memory of the two brothers who had such an immense impact on this area of Africa. This monument is of an anchor which signifies the spot of their landing. Also on the anchorage monument, there is a cross and this is significant because it shows the spread of Christianity to the area. Also, it is important to add that there is a grave yard at the attraction as well. This grave yard is next to the anchorage monument, and the grave yard is the final resting place of various missionaries who came here in order to spread their religion to the African people.
This site teaches us various things about the history of the people of this area. For instance, the small amounts of trade in the area before the landing of these brothers shows how closed off this area was to the rest of the world. Whether this was due to its rough terrain or that these people did not want to trade with outside countries, they were opened up to the world vastly after the landing of these two brothers. Also, throughout history Christianity has been one of the largest religions and it has had a foothold in many areas of the world. Since missionaries went o this area to convert the people, it shows that these people were not followers of the major religion, like European people thought that they should.