Mapo Hall, Ibadan, & Oyo State

Oyo state was created in 1976 and is a mostly agricultural society. In 1960 the attendance of woman in universities was 7.7% and rose to 45% in 2009. Dayo is a woman who was raised and attended university in Oyo State. Where she learned of the historic building Mapo Hall, the oldest building and current city hall of Ibadan.

Mapo Hall is a historical building located in Ibadan, Nigeria and it sits on top of Mapo Hill.. In 1929 it was the colonial era for Nigeria, and a captain had ordered for this building to be built. The main reason for the hall to be built was to be a central and presentable building where certain officials could meet. Engineer Robert "Taffy" Jones built it in four years. It took place between 1925 and 1929, and the total cost of construction was twenty-four thousand pounds. That is over thirty-one thousand dollars in today’s American money! Over the many years since it was built, it held many important events such as presidential conferences. The Neoclassical architecture of the hall is a constant reminder to the people of British influence in the administration of Ibadan, while it was a member of the Oyo Providence. Mapo Hall is the oldest building in Ibadan, and it sits on a piece of land that is almost six thousand acres. This hall holds a lot of power and history.
In recent times, Mapo Hall has been refurbished to wear a new look and is used for conferences. There is a mini museum which showcases relics of chains used to hold tax evaders in those days. Inside the hall are pictures of all the past Olubadan (King) that reigned till date.t is currently owned and managed by Ibadan Local Government Properties Company Limited.
Dayo finally arrived at the river and decided to go back over her thoughts from the walk. Thinking back on her thoughts, Dayo realized how Mapo Hall was a very important historical building and is important to her culture. Mapo Hall symbolizes power and love. This shows the history of the people because when they all come together to Mapo Hall they are all one which shows how strong they are. Dayo looks at all the history that her city has and the history of this city hall and Oyo state and realizes how hard working everyone is for starting at nothing to building a city. During the growth of the city they had education grow more popular for women, and they have so many more accomplishments.