Mary Slessor Residence

Mary Slessor was a missionary who moved to Nigeria when she was 28. She would adopt many children over the years earning the name "Eka Kpukpru Owo" meaning "everybody's mother."

Even though Mary Slessor was born in Scotland, she moved to Nigeria when she was 28 years old. When Southern Nigeria became a British Protectorate, she became the first ever female Magistrate in the British Empire and a skillful diplomatic emissary.1 Mary Slessor was a Scottish mill girl and an unorthodox Sunday School teacher, who, inspired by David Livingstone, became a missionary in Calabar, Nigeria, an area where no European had set foot before. Despite several bouts of illness and constant danger, she lived with the tribes, learned their language, and traditions.2 When she came to Nigeria she became a missionary and important figure in Nigeria, especially Calabar. The tribe she stayed with had used human sacrifices and killed twins with no regard for human life. Mary learned upon arrival about the twisted tradition of killing twins due to the tribal beliefs of evil spirits within the twins.3 Mary would end up saving the twins one day and this was the beginning of her impact on the communities she resided in. She would adopt many children over the years. Mary Slessor, named Eka Kpukpru Owo, meaning everybody’s mother was carried through Calabar in the grandest procession that West Africa had ever seen.4 Mary Slessor made this monument what it is today, the monument was originally her house that she had built in 1876. The monument would not have been made without her, as it was made in her honor because of the actions she did throughout her long life in Nigeria. Everything she has done for Nigeria is represented by her building. When people look at the building they think of all the amazing things she accomplished. This building symbolizes the good that can be done in a community. The Mary Slessor Building is already listed as a monument to this day. Mary came to Nigeria as an outsider, and it was rare for a woman to have such an impact on a community. Most women had impacts on their family and that was it, but not her. So when people see the building, it inspires others to follow in her footsteps and that does not mean by being a missionary. It inspires people to do what some may call the impossible. Most people feared to do the things she did, but she did it anyway. After Mary Slessor passed away the Mary Slessor Building was transformed into a home for missionaries to stay at. It was a way for others to continue her legacy as a missionary in Nigeria. In present day the building is now a tourist site for all people around the world. Some things from her times as a missionary are located on the site along with various photos of her with her children, this site is one of many monuments in her honor.